Job Description for the Interim Children’s Director


Location: Friendship Community Church

Reports to: Associate and Senior Pastor, Board of Directors

Hours: 37/week (plus encouraged volunteering)


I. Who you are:


·         You have a proven passion for children’s ministry, through education and/or broad experiences

·         You have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, evidenced in action, attitude and behavior

·         You fully embrace the vision, values, and statement of faith of FCC

·         You have demonstrated discernment and wisdom in decision making

·         You have demonstrated appropriate judgment, discretion, sensitivity and confidentiality

·         You have demonstrated success in leading a team (eg. Overseeing volunteers)

·         You are capable of working solo, and on a team, bringing excellence to both situations

·         Have a desire to challenge yourself and grow as a leader and as an individual


II. What you’re doing:

It should be clear that the Pastor of Children’s Ministry does not have to personally be involved in every one of the following aspects (with some exceptions), but the person holding the position is responsible to make sure these are all being accomplished.


1.    Facilitate the “Kidzone” Sunday School Program in both services

·         Creating or renewing a vision and goals for the program

·         Planning curriculum and program, including adapting/writing curriculum as needed.

·         Setting up and taking down of sign in tables, décor, and materials for the classes.

·         Managing volunteers, including:

§  Recruitment of volunteers annually and as required

§  Ongoing set up and management of volunteer schedule

§  Ongoing communication to volunteers

§  Volunteer training and appreciation

·         Registering children to the program annually and on an ongoing basis, including:

§  Annual review of class requirements

§  Preparation and updates of class lists

·         Preparing weekly bulletin announcements

·         Preparing brochures and various forms, as required.

·         Organizing, creating and collecting classroom and curriculum supplies

·         Managing the children’s ministry budget

·         Communication with parents and community (website/emails/FB/IG/bulletin)

·         Have strong follow-up with visiting children and parents

·         Occasional mail outs (eg. memory verse puzzles)

§  To promote events

§  To generate contagious excitement

§  To assist learning Sunday material


2. Planning, organizing and implementing at least one summer camp, including:

·         Choose a curriculum; order and purchase supplies; decorate for the week

·         Recruit, and communicate with volunteers

·         Managing the camp budget(s)

·         Properly advertise the program

·         Applying for summer intern(s) and overseeing them as they plan and facilitate multiple camps


3. Run co-curricular events for children/families (Bible Studies/Family Events/etc)

To foster their spiritual growth

            To familiarize themselves with Bible reading midweek

            To encourage fellowship, accountability

            To bless parents

            To build relationships with the kids in other settings

            To reach out to the community


5. Mentor children

            In sibling or friend groups, take kids out (eg. for ice cream)

                        To build relationships

                        To build into their lives

                        To mentor and encourage

                        To have fun


7. Attend weekly church staff meetings.


III. Who you’re working with


·         First and foremost, you are a vessel for God to work through, and everything is for His glory

·         You will report to the Associate Pastor, the Senior Pastor and the Board of Directors

·         You will work closely with the Children’s Ministry Assistant

·         You will coordinate ministry goals with FCC staff and Board

·         You will oversee a team of volunteers

·         You will work directly with FCC children and their parents