Friendship Community Church

Job Description for the Lead Pastor

Job Title: Lead Pastor

Reports to: Board

Supervises: Pastoral and support staff

The church’s mission statement points out that genuine faith needs to be lived out; it is something that propels God’s people to action. We strive to be:

Authentic people

             Compelled by God’s love

      To make a difference.

Job Summary:

 The lead pastor will be the primary spiritual leader of the congregation, who will discern and implement God’s direction and purposes for FCC, in conjunction with the church board and other ministry staff. The lead pastor will lead by example and will be effective in the areas of preaching, pastoral care, teaching, staff oversight, training, leadership development and personal example.


1.      Live a godly and Spirit-filled life, in accordance with the virtues found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9

2.      Be filled with the Holy Spirit, mature in Christ, passionate about the growth of God’s kingdom and the glorification of God, and compassionate and merciful to others.

3.      Possess strong people skills, in-depth biblical knowledge, public speaking ability and counselling skills.

4.      Hold (at minimum) a Bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry or equivalent (a Masters in Divinity or equivalent preferred).

5.      Have a minimum of four years’ experience, preferably as lead pastor in a multi-staff church, or as a youth or associate pastor.

6.      If married, the pastor’s spouse will be a strong believer and in full support of the ministry.

7.      Demonstrate the necessary spiritual gifts to effectively lead a church; these would include preaching and teaching, discernment, leadership and administration. Other helpful spiritual gifts include encouragement, word of knowledge, hospitality and giving.

8.      Exhibit the humility, transparency, discernment and wisdom necessary to provide servant leadership in a multi-staff environment.

9.      Be in agreement with FCC’s constitution, bylaws, statement of faith and membership covenant.


1.      Bible-based and Practical Preaching and Teaching

A.      Preach during most services, proclaiming the Word of God and serving as the primary teacher of the Scriptures.

B.      Be creative in connecting spiritual principles to practical concerns, making those principles accessible to new as well as mature believers

C.      Work with the Worship pastor in coordinating themes in the services.

2.      Leadership

A.      Be a servant leader and demonstrate the ability to work well in a team setting and foster a culture of teamwork at the staff and board level.

B.      Lead by example, provide guidance and counsel, ensure accountability, and give direction and encouragement to staff and congregation.

C.      Foster church unity.

3.      Training and Development

A.      Maintain a personal development plan to be shared with the board (e.g. further educational and spiritual growth goals).

B.      Establish and oversee a process whereby ministry staff set yearly goals in their areas of responsibility.

C.      Schedule and implement regular staff reviews (at least annually) based upon mutually agreed upon ministry and personal goals

D.     Provide oversight of pastoral staff in the ongoing development of small group ministries.

E.      Foster a culture of developing, training and mentoring of lay leaders, staff and others involved in ministry at FCC.

4.      Discipleship and Evangelism

A.      Draw unbelievers to God by sharing the good news and love of Jesus with them.

B.      Provide oversight for the training and equipping of outreach ministries, both locally and globally.

C.      Help to provide biblically-based strategies for discipling believers to maturity in Christ. This includes ensuring that new attendees and/or those interested in baptism and/or membership will attend an appropriate course (e.g. FCC 101 class).

D.     Along with ministry staff, ensure that newcomers and visitors to FCC are welcomed and included in the life and ministry of the church.

5.      Pastoral Care

A.      Demonstrate a relational style that is friendly, available, and encouraging.

B.      Along with other ministry staff, provide pastoral care to those who are sick or in personal crisis, through visitation, counselling and prayer.

C.      Ensure all counselling provided by ministry staff is done biblically and ethically. When necessary, provide referrals to professional Christian counsellors.

D.     In conjunction with other pastoral staff, be available to serve or conduct baby dedications, weddings, funerals, baptisms and communion.

6.      Administration

A.      Foster caring relationships with ministry staff.

B.      Participate in church board and church business meetings.

C.      Give input and direction in the development of job descriptions and the hiring of staff.

D.     Be responsible to ensure ministry staff fulfill the requirements of their job descriptions.

E.      Meet with staff and church board chairperson on a weekly basis.

F.       Be familiar with the constitution, bylaws, statement of faith, and membership covenant of FCC. Be acquainted with the BC Societies Act.

G.     Help the church board establish directives and policies necessary for the proper functioning of the church.

H.     Be aware of the monthly financial statements, as well as review and approve staff expenditures in line with the annual budget and staff spending authority.

I.        Follow up promptly to communications from FCC staff, leaders and congregants.

7.      Community Involvement

A.      Develop relationships with other pastors, churches and Christian ministries in the community, and join in common projects where appropriate.

B.      Promote FCC’s involvement in the community at large.

8.      Denominational Involvement

A.      Communicate and cooperate with the District Minister of the British Columbia Baptist Conference (BCBC), and the Executive Minister of the Baptist General Conference of Canada (BGCC). Be aware of denominational developments and relay these to the church board and congregants.

B.      Be in support of BCBC and BGCC, and in agreement with the BGCC affirmation of faith, pastoral code of ethics, and statement on marriage.

C.      Attend annual general meetings of BCBC whenever possible.

D.     Become credentialed with BGCC.

E.      Receive a certificate to perform marriages from BCBC.