The application deadline has closed.

Congregants can email questions/comments to searchcommittee@friendshipcommunity.ca

We are prayerfully in the process of calling a new Lead Pastor to minister here at FCC. We are currently on step seven and eight of the Search Committee's role.


 The church board will put together the following:

1.    Qualifications of and job description for the position of lead pastor

2.    A search committee (consisting of two current board members and five church members at large)

The search committee will ...

1.    Hone the job description

2.    Advertise the position in a variety of manners and as widely as possible (i.e., online, locally, denominationally both provincially and federally)

3.    Receive and review applications for the position.  Note: while current staff members have the option of applying for the position, ultimately the search committee will make its recommendation based on the qualifications that each applicant brings to the table, regardless of their current position.

4.    Produce a pamphlet with regard to the church and the community surrounding it.

5.    Interview the candidate of choice.  If the person declines or is not suitable, contact the next candidate, etc.

6.    If convinced that one candidate is an excellent fit for the position, organize an interview with the church board

7.    If the board is in favour of the candidate, organize one or more visits to the church by the candidate to meet staff and church attenders in a variety of settings

8.    Organize the preaching for a call

 The church membership will ...

1.    Will have various chances to meet with and hear the candidate

2.    After preaching for a call, a business meeting will be called (often immediately following the preaching) for the membership of the church to vote either for or against calling the candidate, usually by secret ballot.  A very high threshold of members need to approve the candidate for this person to be offered the position.