Experiencing Church Through Genuine Community

Update: Now you can sign-up online for the fall semester by clicking here

The Sunday service is a wonderful time of corporate worship and potentially a time where we spend a few minutes over coffee talking to someone. But it is not experiencing "church" in the real sense – that is, being part of a community where we can make friends, pray for each other, study God’s word together and care for each other. This can only happen when we attend a small group.

If someone who is new to a church is to fit in and connect, he or she will need an opportunity to plug into a small group within a relatively short time of attending the Sunday morning service. If that does not take place, newcomers will never feel that they are a part of the church. The difficulty is for them to "break into" existing groups. Some groups are full. Others are simply "closed to newcomers".  They do not want others to attend with the rare exception of personally inviting a handpicked individual. And it is intimidating to come to a home filled with strangers who already know each other very well.

Another difficulty is that some groups never take a break. They are in danger of burning out leaders, taking advantage of host homes, and make it hard for those who attend to switch groups in order to extend their circle of friends. These are just some of the reasons why we are hoping to move into a "semester based" small group program with set times when everyone signs up for the groups, making them much more accessible to newcomers, giving leaders a break and allowing people to switch small groups if they so wish.

Sign up online for the fall semester by clicking here and we hope that if you’re part of an existing small group you will "buy into" this system, if nothing else than to make your group available to newcomers who will otherwise not be able to experience what we call "Christian fellowship".  This is perhaps the most important ministry of the church – even more important than the Sunday morning service. Prayerfully consider your part in it!